Mercury Retrograde – January 30 ~ February 20

It’s that time again, Mercury Retrograde!

Most of us have heard of Mercury Retrograde and how it seems to mess with every area of our lives, how everything seems to “go wrong” and can’t wait for it to end. Mercury’s keywords are “communication, reason, mind”… and during a retrograde period, it can seem as if these aspects go awry or at least are temporarily slowed down. Phones and tablets don’t connect to wifi when we need it, miscommunications through texts occur more often, or even discussions between friends and family members may seem to be more tense.

You might have also heard of how we shouldn’t sign contracts, go on long travels, or attempt to start new adventures. While this may be true, there are also some upsides to Mercury Retrograde that can bring benefits to an otherwise aggravating period of time.

During these periods, you might have a desire to go within, to try and clearly this about what it is you need to do in certain areas of your life or how to handle past issues (although, I wouldn’t recommend acting on immediate impulse ideas. Give yourself time to really think things through, but you could end up with progress!)

Keep in mind that you can have things unexpectedly occur, or plans fall apart at a moments notice. Try to keep yourself flexible, aware and give yourself a break if things aren’t quite going as planned. Check, and double check, everything before you go (wherever that may be), and be prepared for what may or may not happen.

I’m sending everyone good energy and good vibes that all goes well, and if things don’t go well, that the solution is an easy one!


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