Weekly Astro February 21st ~ February 27th 2021

New week, new beginnings!

This Saturday we will have our Full Moon in Virgo (exact time being Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at 3:17 AM EST). The Full Moon is the middle of the moon cycle, bringing fulfillment and speed to what you started at the New Moon. This Moon also forms an opposition to the Sun in Pisces (an opposition is when two signs/planets are complete opposites of each other on the wheel), meaning we will feel pressed to find a balance with Virgo aspects such as routines, order, and physical health VS the Pisces aspects with spiritual health, vision and the infinite. Pisces rules the tools we use to handle our spiritual self while Virgo rules the day-to-day. This will be a good time to look at how we are balancing our spiritual and physical lives, without feeling too overwhelmed by the opposing energies.

Another change we have this week is Venus moving from Aquarius to Pisces, happening on February 25th. With Venus being in Aquarius, we have been experiencing a freedom of expression with our relationships and balancing out independence. Aquarius themes have been allowing one another freedom, treating others impartially and unselfishly, and with moving into Pisces, our love is forgiving and compassionate. Venus, being the Goddess of Love, in Pisces, shows us deep understanding and all-embracing affection. Remember, this doesn’t just apply to our ROMANTIC relationships, but ALL of our relationships (hopefully you truly love your friends!)

Also, as you may have noticed, Mercury is stationed direct once again! Mercury went direct on February 20th, but you may still feel the sludgy energy for a couple of weeks, known as the Post-Retrograde shadow. It’s a good time to look at what you had going on prior to the retrograde, or ideas you have drawn up during retrograde, and start putting motions back into action. One step at a time of course, but you’ll be able to feel the energies and know when you can start back up once again.

Hopefully we are all taking this time to prepare for Spring, prepare for the energies and warmth to come! If you are interested in having your own astrology readings, please contact me. I am taking on new clients on a continual basis 🙂



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