Welcome to Spring 2021!

It’s officially Spring! Today marks a day of equal light, equal dark, and rebirth of the Sun. The frost and snow will start to run off, streams and lakes begin to swell, and nature begins to bloom into her full beauty.

Also occurring during this time is the Suns move into Aries, which happened this morning as well. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and so is the sign of new beginnings and rebirth, JUST as spring is. The Sun is enthusiastic and spontaneous, and also in a sign that bounces back quickly. Aries is also a Fire sign, coupled with this Spring energy of the Sun’s return, we are going to deeply feel that desire to get out, get going, wake up from hibernation and to get cleaning and organizing done!

Just as Winter symbolizes death, Spring symbolizes new life and awakening. A few good ways to usher in the vibes and to collaborate WITH Spring: Plant Something or Garden, Spring Cleaning, Take a Walk and Connect with Nature. Working with the flows of Earth helps to ground and deeply connect to the planet we live on, regardless of what spiritual path you may be on.

For myself, I’ll probably be spending the day relaxing and recovering from a medical emergency I had on Wednesday (along with a few other happenings). I am taking a couple of weeks off to recuperate and heal, but I am here to connect and will be picking things up around the beginning of April!



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