Weekly Astro April 25th ~ May 1st 2021

The last several weeks, we haven’t had any planets in retrograde, but that is soon to change! This Tuesday, April 27th, Pluto will begin to Retrograde, the first planet to do so for about two months. Pluto Retrograde CAN be a subtle event, but this energy will encourage you to look back over the last several months and see what has fallen from your life, what values you may have picked up, and what decisions you made that challenged your daily life. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so you will be feeling the effects of what changes you’ve made in this regard. Pluto retrogrades last for around 5 months, so this will be a continuing energy from the 27th until October 6th, 2021.

Also for this week is the Full Moon, occurring Monday, April 26th, 2021 (yes, two major energies around the same time!) The Full Moon is always a time for culmination and fulfillment of whatever you put into action around the time of the New Moon. This Full Moon is also a fairly close Full Moon, clothed in the intense and emotionally charged Scorpio energies, and is also forming an opposition to the Sun in Taurus. This polarity deals with the balance of what is yours (Scorpio) VS what is mine (Taurus), and the concept of form VS transformation. With this Scorpio Full Moon entangled with Pluto preparing to Retrograde (Scorpio also rules Pluto), we will be feeling an intense surge of energies in relation to rebirth. Look to balance these emotions and realizations to avoid possibly bringing forth a new series of dramatic (and unnecessary) losses and arguments!

After this Retrograde, we will have our next planets starting to retrograde in late May, so stay tuned to learn about which planets we’ll be dealing with and how that can and will affect our day-to-day lives! I hope everyone is getting the time to focus on what they really want, everything they desire, and going for the gold.



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