Weekly Astro Forecast May 16th ~ May 22nd 2021

This Wednesday, May 19th, the Moon will be moving into the First Quarter Phase. As per usual with First Quarter Moons, we will feel an urge to take action, and any project we began at the New Moon will face its first obstacles. Take it easy, follow the plan you have laid out, and see the whole scope before jumping the gun on changing direction.

The Sun will be moving from Taurus into Gemini on Thursday, May 20th. We’ll be moving to being more communicative and versatile, but also a tad bit unreliable. Definitely feel out and embrace your social and intellectual side, as Gemini is the perpetual student – always wanting to learn! There is a shadow side to Gemini, so be aware of becoming superficial, flighty and noncommittal.

Coming soon is another round of Mercury Retrograde, which I will be posting a separate blog post about in the coming days! If you are already feeling the “preshadow” phase, relax, reevaluate, and stay focused!



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