Weekly Astro Forecast May 23rd ~ May 29th 2021

Welcome to a New Week, and Fresh Beginnings! This week, we’ve got some major topics to cover, so lets get started!

Starting technically yesterday, May 23rd, Saturn began its backwards dance in the sign of Aquarius, and will continue to do so until October 10th. Saturn rules lessons, karma, discipline, and this retrograde will force us to face roadblocks in our lives that are preventing us from taking responsibility for our own actions and path in life. Utilize this time to illuminate the areas where you can take steps forward and accomplish what NEEDS to be done,

This Wednesday, May 26th, we have a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Sagittarius. Per usual, full moons is where we experience a fulfillment in whatever we started with the New Moon, as we continue on the cycle towards the next New Moon. However, with this being an Eclipse, and occurring during a “season of change” (Spring/Autumn), you may feel intense, chaotic energies and feel a shift in your own spiritual perceptions. This is one of many cosmic pushes this week to put you in touch with your needs for learning and communication, but also be aware that you might be involved with/hear dramatic news that will FEEL very intense, but is all a play with the surrounding energies!

To finish off this week, we have Mercury Retrograde on Saturday, May 29th. Mercury Retrogrades are filled with miscommunication, technology breakdowns, travel delays, and seeming to lose track of everything. This Retrograde will bring a dose of confusion, fraud, lies and deception, and with the other energies lingering from the Full Moon and Saturn Retrograde, you will really need to think deeply and thoroughly before acting (or, reacting!) to what gets thrown your way this week and the upcoming weeks. As usual, avoid signing or entering into contracts, avoid traveling, and make sure to double check any emails or texts you send out!

Take time this week to really take care of your emotional wellbeing, and try your best to keep the stress levels at bay! I recommend chamomile tea, lavender, and several bubble baths 🙂



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