Goodbye to 2021, Hello to 2022!

Hey there, loyal readers!

I’ve been very here-and-there this year, but I’d like to give a big “Thank you!” to everyone who continues to read this blog, like the posts, and read the e-mail updates. Connecting, sharing information, and education is what this blog is about, and I appreciate everyone who takes even three minutes of their day to scroll through what’s here!

As we just begin to step into the Winter season, here’s to embracing our own steadiness, our own inner growth, and to looking forward to the warm growth that is promised to eventually come our way. This time of stillness is a good time to reflect on what last year gave (or took) from us, and how these lessons can be applied to the year to come. Some of us hold onto our “New Year Resolutions” throughout the months, some of us quickly fall back to what we previously promised ourselves we would give up, but a gentle reminder is that every day is a new beginning, and a time to start fresh! Give grace to yourself, always.

Be guided by joy, love, and inspiration!


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