Ways To Bring In The New Year!

As we draw closer to the New Year (two days away, in fact!) I thought I would bring some tidbits of beliefs and practices, and how to truly bring in a refreshing new start and ways to close out this latest chapter in our lives.

One of my favorite ways to truly start fresh within my home is to clean – a DEEP clean. Scrubbing away last year’s “gunk” is one of the best ways to, literally, start anew and to begin the year on a clean plate. Not only doing some dusting and vacuuming, but consider looking into everything you own and donating or recycling the items which no longer serve you. Decluttering the home is an important task that should be taken on regularly, but if you’re wanting more of a “schedule” to keep track of, nothing is better than tackling this during the new years.

With the deep cleaning, make sure you’re really getting the elbow grease going! Sprinkle some of your favorite scents into the carpet by mixing baking soda and a few drops of some smell-good essential oils, and leave for up to two hours. Vacuum over several times to ensure the dust and baking soda gets picked up, and you’ll be left with a refreshing scent! Mix up a good concoction of floor wash – I personally opt for a mixture of 1/4th cup white vinegar, 1/4th cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon of a detergent of some kind (there are all natural detergents but feel free to use what you are comfortable with!), and 2 gallons of hot water. Top off with Florida Water and your floors will be clean, inviting, and it’s an easy way to bless your floors and bring in positive things!

Some things that are easy to forget, even when doing a deep clean: wash your baseboards! They attract dust and grime just like the rest of the house, and with a quick wipe, they’ll look just like the day you moved in. Go through your fridge for any expired foods (primarily, toppings and dressings), and be sure to wipe down the inside of your fridge when you’re done! Go through those cupboards to see if there’s extras that can be donated to food banks, and while you’re at it, go through that “miscellaneous” drawer that most of us seem to have, and see what can be tossed/recycled/donated as well.

While we’re on the topic of donations, now is a great time to go through any clothes you have that haven’t seen the daylight in almost a year! I know I personally tend to hold onto clothes that I don’t see myself wearing for the foreseeable future (or, ever again), but clutter creates stagnant, sometimes chaotic energy that needs to be cleared, and removing the old makes room for what good can come.

With the ideas of a deep house-cleansing out of the way, it’s a good time to take a spiritual bath and to prepare physically and mentally for the year to come. Spiritual baths are different from your usual cleansing bath, so I do recommend if you plan on doing one, to take a CLEANSING bath or shower prior to a spiritual bath. I do one when I need a serious dose of a “pick-me-up”, but they can definitely become a regular part of your year.

One of my favorite set ups is to get some of my favorite crystals (Labradorite and Amethyst are my go-to, at all times), a candle or two, some easy incense, and maybe even my laptop or tablet. Some people would argue against the use of electronics when it comes to a spiritual cleansing, but I feel like the more tools you have available to you, the more options for benefits and learning! I usually set them up for some documentaries or YouTube videos, to relax and to focus. To prepare the actual bath, I will put a good mixture of epsom salt (any can do, but I like the brands that have added benefits of vitamins and other minerals), and any choice of dry herbs. My spiritual baths tend to be on the more “relaxing” side, so I will add chamomile, lavender, rose petals, and hibiscus flowers. (Hibiscus flowers will turn the water a reddish-blueish color, but it doesn’t stain!) Try to aim for a good 30 minute soak, and when you’re done, focus on your intentions on the day, month, year, or your goals, and thank the Universe and your Guides for the time and energy.

When it comes to “New Years Resolutions”, I personally try to not focus on setting any expectations for myself. Giving yourself grace and patience is always an important factor for a healthy balance with mind, soul, and body, and the New Years tends to make people feel pressured (even if it’s just socially pressured) to think of all types of extravagant things that they know they won’t stick to. However, it IS still a good time to put focus on what you want out of this upcoming year. Whether it’s “I will have a new job by 2023”, or “I will pay my loans off by September of 2022”, an idea and intention for the upcoming year isn’t always the worst thing to have for yourself. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself… every day is always a new beginning. 🙂

I hope everyone has a SAFE, happy, and warm New Years!


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