Ways To Bring In The New Year, Pt. 2!

We are finally to the last day! Yesterday, I posted ways to more “practically” bring in the New Year – ways such as doing a deep clean in every spot of your home, going through clothes you no longer need, doing some donation runs, and a spiritual bath to reset the mindset. Today, we’ll be focusing more on spiritual ways to bring in this new year, and share how some cultures around the world celebrate.

One way many cultures bring in the New Year is by eating specific foods. Your family may have had a gathering on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, or maybe celebrated on a close holiday to eat certain foods to bring luck and happiness in different areas of your life. Growing up, I remember my family making black eyed peas, greens and cornbread every New Years Eve. I never really understood why, but I would refuse to eat the black eyed peas and was always told “You’ll have bad luck next year!”, which I welcomed with open arms because I would have rather had bad luck than dare to eat a black eyed pea! Once I got a little older, I was told that Black Eyed Peas brought pennies, Greens brought dollars, and cornbread brought gold. This is an old Southern belief that is still held and done every year by many families. Along with this tradition was the aspect of leaving three black eyed peas behind – to ensure that the New Year would be filled with luck and fortune.

Another tradition my family had was to leave the back door open at midnight, to let the Old Year out and the New Year in. It all falls back on the exchange of energies and the intention on sending certain things away while inviting others in! Even better when you imagine 2021 literally leaving your home and 2022 coming in, maybe even bringing some sparklers and good company along 🙂 Something to add to having the door open, try sweeping from the front of your home to the back, and kick the actual dust out the door. This is something I do on a routine basis to cleans the energies of my home, but New Years is a great time to put this into practice!

This is also a great time for any prosperity, good luck, and protection rituals to take place. You can do jars, satchels, burning of papers, however you feel is right to truly feel the intentions you want for the upcoming year. Tonight, the Moon is also in Conjunction with Mars, so expect a lot of emotional excitement and major career breakthroughs coming up. Jupiter is also in Pisces until May of 2022, so expect positivity around your goals as well. All of this is working alongside the current sign we are in, which is Capricorn – a sign known for hard work… meaning this energy will be perfect to work with when it comes to any financial, career, or personal gains you are wanting to make!

Until next year…


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