I offer several types of readings to fit a variety of needs. If there is a specific reading you’re interested in but it is not listed here (or you are not sure which reading would fit your situation), please e-mail me at, or contact through the site. I will respond to you as soon as possible!

Below are listed the different types of readings, absorb the info fully before selecting which reading you desire.

Tarot readings: When doing tarot readings, I contact Spirit/Divine along with our own spirit guides to tap into the energy and assist in getting you the answers you need. I do several types of readings, primarily being simple Yes/No pulls, Spiritual Guidance, Work/Career Guidance, Advice for the Now, Advice for the Future.

Energy Cleansing: As someone deeply connected to the spiritual plane and in tune with vibrations, I assist in helping cleanse the home, whether that’s a physical home or yourself. In certain circumstances I can do this in your home, or I can assist you in several ways including Zoom and FaceTime. I also offer personal guidance for cleansing your own being and raising vibrations within, and on certain circumstances this can be held in person or online.

Guidance for Those Learning: I’ve personally been on this path for 14 years and love to help those who are intuitive to grow their own paths. I offer weekly (bi-weekly, or monthly) sessions based on your needs and schedule. I meet you on the level that you are at, and mentor you in a variety of different paths.

If you are interested in any of the above, e-mail me at and tell me which reading you are desiring. I will respond within 1-3 days to give you more information, pricing, and available times I have, and we will go from there.

Spiritual Guidance Reading


Advice For the Now/Future


Work/Career Guidance