Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Hello there, fellow cosmic travelers and beings! Long time, no see! I hope every single one of you is doing well, in every way, shape and form.

I apologize for the long period of silence, but it was deeply needed for a mind/body/soul reset. We often find ourselves getting too wrapped up in anything (really, just about anything), and forget why we are doing what we’re doing. Why we are working, why we are loving, why we are learning and why we are being. Pushing forward through chaos and unhappiness for the sake of making a new post and keeping everything up-to-date often times becomes detrimental to our overall well-being. The more we give and give of ourselves, we need to refill and recharge, otherwise we are giving from empty, damaged vessels.

This year definitely threw several curveballs my way, and humbled me greatly. I was foolishly under the assumption that my Saturn Return was only about moving to a new state and starting over, but there will always be a way for the Universe to form you from the bottom up into what you need to accomplish and learn for this lifetime. I am still always awakening with gratitude, comfort, and bliss, and always trying to spread that awareness towards others.

So while I have been gone, I am still here, slowly working on myself. As someone who feels like part of my lifetime’s goals is to be of assistance to others to help awaken their inner consciousness and regain the connection with the Universe, I have to re-learn and refocus my efforts. You can not fill from an empty cup, you must take time to quench your own thirst and bandage your own awareness.

I turned 30 on Saturday, and if I’ve learned anything over the last 30 years, it’s that we ALL have abilities and hindrances. Some of ours is more pronounced than others, some of us seemingly have never been truly connected to everything, and some of us are so invested that we have blinders on to what is actually going on around us, for the focus is turned so inward that we can not see what is in front of our own eyes. Finding that balance, that grace, is something I’ve realized and come to accept and grasp as well as I can. In the end, we are all on a journey while we are here and blessed with the ability of consciousness and awareness, and the ability to really reel in that awareness without pride or judgement is a journey I am grateful to be on.

I am still available for any readings, questions, assistance or just a word of wisdom to pass between friends. You can always reach out to me through my website, or e-mail me on the “contact” page.

Bright blessings and love, always,


Weekly Astro Forecast May 23rd ~ May 29th 2021

Welcome to a New Week, and Fresh Beginnings! This week, we’ve got some major topics to cover, so lets get started!

Starting technically yesterday, May 23rd, Saturn began its backwards dance in the sign of Aquarius, and will continue to do so until October 10th. Saturn rules lessons, karma, discipline, and this retrograde will force us to face roadblocks in our lives that are preventing us from taking responsibility for our own actions and path in life. Utilize this time to illuminate the areas where you can take steps forward and accomplish what NEEDS to be done,

This Wednesday, May 26th, we have a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Sagittarius. Per usual, full moons is where we experience a fulfillment in whatever we started with the New Moon, as we continue on the cycle towards the next New Moon. However, with this being an Eclipse, and occurring during a “season of change” (Spring/Autumn), you may feel intense, chaotic energies and feel a shift in your own spiritual perceptions. This is one of many cosmic pushes this week to put you in touch with your needs for learning and communication, but also be aware that you might be involved with/hear dramatic news that will FEEL very intense, but is all a play with the surrounding energies!

To finish off this week, we have Mercury Retrograde on Saturday, May 29th. Mercury Retrogrades are filled with miscommunication, technology breakdowns, travel delays, and seeming to lose track of everything. This Retrograde will bring a dose of confusion, fraud, lies and deception, and with the other energies lingering from the Full Moon and Saturn Retrograde, you will really need to think deeply and thoroughly before acting (or, reacting!) to what gets thrown your way this week and the upcoming weeks. As usual, avoid signing or entering into contracts, avoid traveling, and make sure to double check any emails or texts you send out!

Take time this week to really take care of your emotional wellbeing, and try your best to keep the stress levels at bay! I recommend chamomile tea, lavender, and several bubble baths 🙂



Weekly Astro Forecast May 16th ~ May 22nd 2021

This Wednesday, May 19th, the Moon will be moving into the First Quarter Phase. As per usual with First Quarter Moons, we will feel an urge to take action, and any project we began at the New Moon will face its first obstacles. Take it easy, follow the plan you have laid out, and see the whole scope before jumping the gun on changing direction.

The Sun will be moving from Taurus into Gemini on Thursday, May 20th. We’ll be moving to being more communicative and versatile, but also a tad bit unreliable. Definitely feel out and embrace your social and intellectual side, as Gemini is the perpetual student – always wanting to learn! There is a shadow side to Gemini, so be aware of becoming superficial, flighty and noncommittal.

Coming soon is another round of Mercury Retrograde, which I will be posting a separate blog post about in the coming days! If you are already feeling the “preshadow” phase, relax, reevaluate, and stay focused!



Weekly Astro May 2nd ~ May 8th 2021

Mercury will be moving from Taurus into Gemini on May 3rd, 2021. With Mercury in Taurus, we have been more grounded, down to earth with our thinking and communication, and the transition into Gemini will have us feeling especially curious and sociable. Mercury is comfortable in Gemini, which is one of the signs that it rules. We will also be easily distracted, so maybe setting up a schedule to stay on task.

Last Quarter Moon will be occurring on Monday, May 3rd, 2021, with the Moon in Aquarius forming a Square with the Sun in Taurus. The Last Quarter Moon is a time to finish up any details, conserve our energy to ending the task at hand, and preparing for what new tasks will be coming along for the New Moon, which is when we bring newness into our lives for the next Lunar Cycle.

With the various energies of the week, we will be feeling a little restrictive rather than expansive, and this week will be a good time to consider what’s best for us in the long term, and it may mean limiting something in the present for better results in the future. We will have a good set up for some profound insight, awareness, and focused attention with Mercury perfection gits trie to Pluto on May 2nd. Overall, embrace compassion, patience and open minded conversations for this week.

I hope everyone’s having a great week, and preparing to better yourself in every way possible with each new day.



Weekly Astro April 25th ~ May 1st 2021

The last several weeks, we haven’t had any planets in retrograde, but that is soon to change! This Tuesday, April 27th, Pluto will begin to Retrograde, the first planet to do so for about two months. Pluto Retrograde CAN be a subtle event, but this energy will encourage you to look back over the last several months and see what has fallen from your life, what values you may have picked up, and what decisions you made that challenged your daily life. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so you will be feeling the effects of what changes you’ve made in this regard. Pluto retrogrades last for around 5 months, so this will be a continuing energy from the 27th until October 6th, 2021.

Also for this week is the Full Moon, occurring Monday, April 26th, 2021 (yes, two major energies around the same time!) The Full Moon is always a time for culmination and fulfillment of whatever you put into action around the time of the New Moon. This Full Moon is also a fairly close Full Moon, clothed in the intense and emotionally charged Scorpio energies, and is also forming an opposition to the Sun in Taurus. This polarity deals with the balance of what is yours (Scorpio) VS what is mine (Taurus), and the concept of form VS transformation. With this Scorpio Full Moon entangled with Pluto preparing to Retrograde (Scorpio also rules Pluto), we will be feeling an intense surge of energies in relation to rebirth. Look to balance these emotions and realizations to avoid possibly bringing forth a new series of dramatic (and unnecessary) losses and arguments!

After this Retrograde, we will have our next planets starting to retrograde in late May, so stay tuned to learn about which planets we’ll be dealing with and how that can and will affect our day-to-day lives! I hope everyone is getting the time to focus on what they really want, everything they desire, and going for the gold.



Weekly Astro April 18th ~ April 24th, 2021

Hello there, fellow Astrology lovers, seekers and believers! Long time, no talk! As some of you know, I had a medical emergency a month ago and had to take a long break to recuperate, rejuvenate and heal the mind, body and soul, but I am back and feeling amazing! (After a decade of undiagnosed gallbladder issues, it’s amazing how removing it will breathe fresh air into your life! Lol)

The major change we will be experiencing this week is the Sun moving from Aries to Taurus on April 19th, 2021. With the Sun moving from the fiery Aries into the Earthy Taurus, we will experience a sense of “calming” in our day-to-day lives. However, Taurus is known to be a rather resistant sign, sometimes stubborn, so you may feel an urge to resist any changes or questionings to your daily activities. Taurus is a very loyal sign, centered with familiar, sensual, methodical qualities. Overall, try to lay back during this period and go with the flow, but don’t resist any changes that could perhaps be for the better.

Also changing this week is Mercury moving into Aries, on the same day, April 19th, 2021. The general thinking during this period will be solid and grounded, common sense reigning over fanciful thinking. However, pay mind to overly narrow or rigid thinking patterns – there’s nothing wrong with narrowing our focus to one thing at a time, but you can easily miss what needs attention.

The First Quarter Moon will be occurring on April 20th, 2021, and there is always an urgency surrounding First Quarters. Any project we decided to begin with the New Moon will normally face its first obstacles, or maybe second-guessing to what we put forth, but as usual, stay the path. Work with the Taurus energies in this aspect to remain focused on what your desired outcome is during this period.

I’m happy to be back, and will be on my regular posting schedule. A big “Thank You” to everyone who remained patient with me, and reached out during this period. I hope everyone’s enjoying the warming, spring experience (For those in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you’re getting into the fall-vibes!)



New Moon in Pisces ~ March 13th, 2021

As we come to a close of this Lunar cycle, approaching quickly is the start of a new Lunar cycle! Many of you know that moon cycles go from one New Moon to the next – a fresh start with the New Moon, culmination of intentions and action around the Full Moon, then a review and giving thanks to the old cycle as we reach the new. March 13th, 2021, we will be entering a new Moon cycle, starting with a New Moon in Pisces, occurring at 5:21 AM EST.

While the Moon is entering into the sign of Pisces, remember, the Sun is also in the sign of Pisces, meaning we’re going to be getting a double dose of this Water sign. Expect to feel more in tune and creative, but also more emotional. Make sure not to take things too personally, as there definitely are people who aren’t connected to the Heavens but will still be influenced by the energies around. The Sign of Pisces is also one of mysticism, so it will be a good time to dive a little deeper into your magick, intuition, and any intentions, goals, and desires you set forth for this Lunar Cycle. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces, a planet that governs water and dreams, so now is the perfect time to explore the mystic side of yourself.

Coming up next week, we have a change of Seasons, so I hope you’ll stay tuned next week for the posts I’ll be making about this wonderful time of year! Maybe take some time to do some deep cleaning, recycling, and getting in touch with nature as She begins to awaken 🙂



Weekly Astro Forecast March 7th ~ March 13th 2021

To start off, welcome to a fresh, new week ahead! Have you been feeling the Spring energies coming your way (or Fall energies, for those in the southern hemisphere)? I know I have! A great way to work with this energy is to do what is known as “Spring Cleaning”, which is doing exactly what that term says! For myself, I’ve donated several boxes of random stuff around the house that wasn’t needed any longer, and gotten some jars cleaned out and donated to friends on the path. I didn’t need an entire kitchen cabinet of jars anyways… 🙂

This upcoming Saturday, March 13th, we have a New Moon in Pisces at about 5:21 AM EST. The New Moon is always a start of a new lunar cycle, so if you practice Moon Magick, be sure to have an intention, promise, or vow ready. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, lasting an entire cycle from New Moon to the next. With the Pisces energy, it’s a good time to put time into yourself for peaceful and relaxing activities, or working on intuition and visualization.

Also happening this upcoming Saturday (March 13th), we are having our yearly alignment between Venus and Neptune, and highly romantic energies can be about! We’ll be especially sensitive and aware of beauty and spirituality, and can extend more understanding and compassion with one another. This energy will extend into the next day, so it may be a good time to plan a romantic weekend getaway!

The following Saturday, March 20th at 2:37 AM, we will be celebrating the First Day of Spring, March Equinox, Spring Equinox, and several religious and spiritual aspects come along with this! I will be posting soon about this magical time of year, different celebrations and a brief history, so keep an eye out! You can also subscribe to this blog, and get every new post directly to your inbox!

I still offer readings, spiritual guidance, and mentorship. If you are seeking, I am available! Contact me here, or send me an e-mail at kelsiemasseo@icloud.com , and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have an amazing week!



Weekly Astro Forecast February 28th ~ March 6th 2021

Hello there, and welcome to a new week! I hope you enjoyed the energies of the Full Moon in Virgo (February 27th), and will continue to entertain the vibes for another week or so. Full Moons are PEAK when occurring, but the energy lingers, just like most other Astrological happenings. 🙂

The moon will phase into the Last Quarter Moon this Friday, March 5th at 8:30 PM EST. This is not a time to start up major projects, but a time to let go, release and forgive. The moon is decreasing in size, and likewise, you have to be ready to let go. It is also a good time to reflect and absorb advice, consider the revelations, what they mean to us, and what we can do next.

Mars has also been in Taurus since January 6th, and will transition into Gemini on March 3rd. Now, Mars rules our desires, actions, energy aggression, passions, and assertions. With this planet being in Taurus, we have been rather stubborn and resolute during this cycle. With the glide towards Gemini, we’ll be considerably more versatile, broadening our interests possibly to the point of scattered behavior and in the end become rather ineffective. If you’re feeling the energies already, take some time to reflect with this waning moon in effect and lay out what goals and interests you *really* want to take on, as to not get overwhelmed and give up on most of them.

I hope we all have a great week ahead, blessings!


Weekly Astro February 21st ~ February 27th 2021

New week, new beginnings!

This Saturday we will have our Full Moon in Virgo (exact time being Saturday, February 27th, 2021 at 3:17 AM EST). The Full Moon is the middle of the moon cycle, bringing fulfillment and speed to what you started at the New Moon. This Moon also forms an opposition to the Sun in Pisces (an opposition is when two signs/planets are complete opposites of each other on the wheel), meaning we will feel pressed to find a balance with Virgo aspects such as routines, order, and physical health VS the Pisces aspects with spiritual health, vision and the infinite. Pisces rules the tools we use to handle our spiritual self while Virgo rules the day-to-day. This will be a good time to look at how we are balancing our spiritual and physical lives, without feeling too overwhelmed by the opposing energies.

Another change we have this week is Venus moving from Aquarius to Pisces, happening on February 25th. With Venus being in Aquarius, we have been experiencing a freedom of expression with our relationships and balancing out independence. Aquarius themes have been allowing one another freedom, treating others impartially and unselfishly, and with moving into Pisces, our love is forgiving and compassionate. Venus, being the Goddess of Love, in Pisces, shows us deep understanding and all-embracing affection. Remember, this doesn’t just apply to our ROMANTIC relationships, but ALL of our relationships (hopefully you truly love your friends!)

Also, as you may have noticed, Mercury is stationed direct once again! Mercury went direct on February 20th, but you may still feel the sludgy energy for a couple of weeks, known as the Post-Retrograde shadow. It’s a good time to look at what you had going on prior to the retrograde, or ideas you have drawn up during retrograde, and start putting motions back into action. One step at a time of course, but you’ll be able to feel the energies and know when you can start back up once again.

Hopefully we are all taking this time to prepare for Spring, prepare for the energies and warmth to come! If you are interested in having your own astrology readings, please contact me. I am taking on new clients on a continual basis 🙂