Weekly Astro Forecast May 23rd ~ May 29th 2021

Welcome to a New Week, and Fresh Beginnings! This week, we’ve got some major topics to cover, so lets get started!

Starting technically yesterday, May 23rd, Saturn began its backwards dance in the sign of Aquarius, and will continue to do so until October 10th. Saturn rules lessons, karma, discipline, and this retrograde will force us to face roadblocks in our lives that are preventing us from taking responsibility for our own actions and path in life. Utilize this time to illuminate the areas where you can take steps forward and accomplish what NEEDS to be done,

This Wednesday, May 26th, we have a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Sagittarius. Per usual, full moons is where we experience a fulfillment in whatever we started with the New Moon, as we continue on the cycle towards the next New Moon. However, with this being an Eclipse, and occurring during a “season of change” (Spring/Autumn), you may feel intense, chaotic energies and feel a shift in your own spiritual perceptions. This is one of many cosmic pushes this week to put you in touch with your needs for learning and communication, but also be aware that you might be involved with/hear dramatic news that will FEEL very intense, but is all a play with the surrounding energies!

To finish off this week, we have Mercury Retrograde on Saturday, May 29th. Mercury Retrogrades are filled with miscommunication, technology breakdowns, travel delays, and seeming to lose track of everything. This Retrograde will bring a dose of confusion, fraud, lies and deception, and with the other energies lingering from the Full Moon and Saturn Retrograde, you will really need to think deeply and thoroughly before acting (or, reacting!) to what gets thrown your way this week and the upcoming weeks. As usual, avoid signing or entering into contracts, avoid traveling, and make sure to double check any emails or texts you send out!

Take time this week to really take care of your emotional wellbeing, and try your best to keep the stress levels at bay! I recommend chamomile tea, lavender, and several bubble baths 🙂



Weekly Astro Forecast May 16th ~ May 22nd 2021

This Wednesday, May 19th, the Moon will be moving into the First Quarter Phase. As per usual with First Quarter Moons, we will feel an urge to take action, and any project we began at the New Moon will face its first obstacles. Take it easy, follow the plan you have laid out, and see the whole scope before jumping the gun on changing direction.

The Sun will be moving from Taurus into Gemini on Thursday, May 20th. We’ll be moving to being more communicative and versatile, but also a tad bit unreliable. Definitely feel out and embrace your social and intellectual side, as Gemini is the perpetual student – always wanting to learn! There is a shadow side to Gemini, so be aware of becoming superficial, flighty and noncommittal.

Coming soon is another round of Mercury Retrograde, which I will be posting a separate blog post about in the coming days! If you are already feeling the “preshadow” phase, relax, reevaluate, and stay focused!



Full Moon in Virgo ~ February 27th, 2021

Welcome in the second Full Moon of the year, this one is known to us as the “Snow Moon”, and this Full Moon will occur February 27th, 2021 at 3:17 AM EST. Full Moons are a time of culmination and promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon, and is a time of fertilization, romance, and relationships. With the Virgo-Pisces axis involved (with the Sun being in Pisces), this Full Moon guides us to find a balance with day-to-day functions, the need for order, spiritual health, and the infinite.

This Full Moon urges us to find balance with work and service, widening our eyes for our habits, health and routines. Some sort of crisis pro sudden awareness of a “lack” in our lives could lead us to explore our emotional needs within the house where the Full Moon occurs in our natal charts. The energies are getting ready to re-align themselves fully, and in a mostly positive and empowering way.

The Full Moon is also a time to reflect on what projects you started with the New Moon. Whatever you’ve been working towards is ready for the spotlight of awareness, and good stones to work with are moonstone, selenite, and quartz. Making Full Moon water is also advised, and with Virgo being the sign, you can use this for work related to cleanliness, health, routines, and organization. When making Full Moon water, be sure to use clean water (and a lid!) if you are planning to consume it!

Along with this Full Moon, we are nearing the end of the Post Retrograde shadow left by Mercury, and also will be having a 9 WEEK (yes, WEEKS!) period where there will be ZERO planets in retrograde! This is an amazing time to really grind, get everything you want to get done, done, and to step forward with ideas that have accumulated over the past several weeks! When we have all planets flowing direct, there’s really no obstacles in your way to success in your personal, public, and work life!

Sun Has Entered Pisces!

The Sun has officially entered the sign of Pisces, starting today (February 18th, 2021) and lasting until March 20th, 2021. Pisces is known for empathy, devotion, and selfless love, and the shadow side rules passivity, elusiveness, and a little bit of self-pity. While still sitting in Mercury Retrograde (for only a couple more days, but the shadow period will linger!) we may feel a pull towards forgiveness and compassion with the help of Pisces. No matter your sun sign, you will feel the effects of Pisces, which is all about wearing those rose-colored glasses and getting in touch with your intuition.

This can also be a great time to explore what exists beyond our five senses. Pisces, being the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, gives us a touch of every sign and can feel pretty magical to say the least. Opening your third-eye chakra can be beneficial during this time, and you can do this through working with an energy healer or through your own meditation. Sparking this can enhance creativity and help clarify your purpose!

If you’re wanting a more in-depth reading for how Sun (or, any planet!) transits can affect your day-to-day, I offer natal chart readings! Contact me through e-mail at kelsiemasseo@icloud.com, or send me a message here on the site. Blessings!


Weekly Astro Forecast for the week of February 14th thru February 20th, 2021

On Friday, February 19th, we will have the First Quarter Moon in Gemini form a square with the Sun moving into Pisces. There will be an urgent awareness to take action, maybe a time of stress and discord, but also high energy, growth, and motivation.

Our Sun, which has been in Aquarius from January 19th to February 18th will be transiting into Pisces, which will last from February 18th to March 20th. This time of year can be quite a spiritual moment, with Pisces being the 12th and final sign. We might be less motivated as we had felt during the time of Sun being in Aquarius, but the sign Pisces rules wisdom, devotion, empathy and love. However, you should be aware of tendencies to believe too quickly, too deeply, or becoming too dependent on things that people seem to offer as quick and easy answers to life’s deepest yearnings.

Also ending this week will be Mercury Retrograde, which ran its course starting January 30th and ending February 20th. Don’t get too excited: There is a shadow period that occurs right before, and right AFTER the retrograde that can be felt as almost just intense as the retrograde itself. Those of us who are more in tune with the heavens tend to notice these trends of shadow periods, but it can still be a good place to start slowly going forward with what ideas and goals we have set for ourselves.

I hope everyone had a good week, and blessings for the week ahead!


Mercury Retrograde – January 30 ~ February 20

It’s that time again, Mercury Retrograde!

Most of us have heard of Mercury Retrograde and how it seems to mess with every area of our lives, how everything seems to “go wrong” and can’t wait for it to end. Mercury’s keywords are “communication, reason, mind”… and during a retrograde period, it can seem as if these aspects go awry or at least are temporarily slowed down. Phones and tablets don’t connect to wifi when we need it, miscommunications through texts occur more often, or even discussions between friends and family members may seem to be more tense.

You might have also heard of how we shouldn’t sign contracts, go on long travels, or attempt to start new adventures. While this may be true, there are also some upsides to Mercury Retrograde that can bring benefits to an otherwise aggravating period of time.

During these periods, you might have a desire to go within, to try and clearly this about what it is you need to do in certain areas of your life or how to handle past issues (although, I wouldn’t recommend acting on immediate impulse ideas. Give yourself time to really think things through, but you could end up with progress!)

Keep in mind that you can have things unexpectedly occur, or plans fall apart at a moments notice. Try to keep yourself flexible, aware and give yourself a break if things aren’t quite going as planned. Check, and double check, everything before you go (wherever that may be), and be prepared for what may or may not happen.

I’m sending everyone good energy and good vibes that all goes well, and if things don’t go well, that the solution is an easy one!